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Season 1 is official now. Woah.

Back in 2016 we barely imagined we would be able to create more than 10 minutes of this show and now, thanks to the people at Storyhive, we're on our way to creating an entire season.

If you want to learn more about the funding process check out this article. And really, if you want to know more about our show in particular, read this article from The Gauntlet (although I recommend doing some digging and checking out more projects on Storyhive).

Over the course of my (very) short career as a filmmaker this has quickly become the most significant, and longest running, project our team has ever embarked on and I felt that keeping some kind of log throughout the process would be a worthwhile insight into what making Abracadavers is like. Already I can tell that this post couldn't work as Facebook status or a Twitter update, although feel free to follow those accounts as well, but a blog(ish) type thing might just be the appropriate home for this kind of content.

Hopefully we can get insight from a bunch of the crew as we produce this show throughout the next year and at the very least you'll get some incoherent ramblings from me. All in all I couldn't more excited to work with this team and I couldn't be more grateful to Telus and Storyhive for the opportunity.

If you're an emerging artist, or heck, if you're looking to make your first project ever I can't recommend Storyhive enough as a tool to help get your feet in the door that is the independent filmmaking world.

All you need is a good story.

Also take it from us: we had our first official production meeting at the only table in a Tim Hortons that was somehow inside a 7-Eleven that on the outside was just a run of the mill Esso Station and if we found a way to create our show so can you.

Now back to budgeting, contracts, and paperwork. Fun stuff coming soon.


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